DreamRealm and SFTD
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DreamRealm and SFTD

DreamRealm is a game that contains platforms connected to other platforms by stairways. There are no walls - just doors that lead to different dreams. SFTD (ShadowsFromTheDepths) is an MMORPG that is set in the medieval times. Lots of different characters
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 uhh... bad news

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PostSubject: uhh... bad news   uhh... bad news Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 1:46 pm

My micro sd got smashed and mylatest backup is about at the last version released.
i had the outpost finished... Sad
so now i decided to just start on the networking and work from that.
i am using BZoo template(a networking template, gets all the the hard multiplayer stuff done) bc it would take years to make a networking thing
so it might be a while b4 the next version but it with hav the following(i hope):

1. in-game chatting
2. more menus, with a new design, and more GUI
3. A in-game HUD
4. a AI person to talk too
5. (maybe)choosable character, probably only a choice between a female model and a male model
6. dreamdemons walk around
7. and maybe the dreamdemons attack you
8. an armoury so u can change guns

this is all if i can dedicate a computer as a server for it, if not then u can just play local.

the next version will hav ranks and u hav to hav a certain rank to get special guns.

so theres some good and bad news.
but ill post a pic of the new menu when im finished, maybe

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PostSubject: Re: uhh... bad news   uhh... bad news Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 5:24 pm

That stinks about your sd card.
Keep up the great work!!

Stay frosty,
- Kevin
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uhh... bad news Aakxfn
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uhh... bad news
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